FFF: Lust and longing

Key Words: Lust, longing
Forbidden Words: Office, Suit
Word Limit: 426
Extra Credit: tell us about an encounter where your partner had ‘that’ look on their face
Bonus Words: +50 masturbation, owned

She was naked.

Stark naked.

Every imperfection on her pale skin exposed to the world as I watched from the doorway of our bedroom in our suburban house. Her breasts bobbed with every thrust in her glistening cunt, groaning in lustful enjoyment.

She’s at … it. Again. Every inch of her voluptuous curves tingling with excitement as the dozen men stood around our marital bed, offering her their pricks for mutual enjoyment. The lust in her eyes clear from the other end of the room as I toyed with my erection through my trousers. I stared at her gorgeous legs, toned to perfection; her ankles lifted onto the shoulders of the rutting gentleman as he plowed into her.

Not that he was being gentle. Not that Zara ever wanted them to be; treated as a wild slut my desperate wife was eager to savour every drop of cum hanging in the balls of her companions. I saw their scattered clothes and her ripped garments: stockings shorn in two by overenthuastic adults, too eager to screw and fuck in our tiny bedroom.

She had half the village in her dozen: the milkman and the postman, both of our neighbours, the college student and the park-keeper. A roomful of swinging balls and rock-hard pricks. Some long, some short, some thick, some thin, but all erect. All pointing and saluting the grunting slattern on the bed, covered in a sheen of enjoyment and splattered with the fruits of their unabashed horniness.

FFF_1211My cock rose; it rubbed against the harsh fabric of its cotton prison as my eyes soaked in the sight.

Watching every move, listening to every grunt and groan, feeling every desperate thrust into her sodden pussy.

Her body shook with another violent orgasm, her thighs quivering as her postman filled his condom and I pushed away from the wall, walking past her assembled entourage in silence. Her eyes closed in bliss, her body ragged from the intense fucking as I leant over her.

I held her head in my hands, staring into her eyes. She gazed back, filled with longing.

“Well, what have we here?” I asked, smirking. It was their cue. The room melted away, the satisfied men taking their clothes to return to their wives as I was preparing to enjoy mine.

Flash Fiction Friday

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  1. She is Sexually Sated with Her 6 Partners! Her Husband and her are STILL Deeply In Love and Lust! Considered an Alnernate Life, but; Normal for Them! This is What Counts!

  2. Stuff of fantasies, well for me anyhow, not too sure how my husband would feel.
    So very hot, his perspective of her enjoyment and the men around her.

    John: kink of the week is also on “the look”, if you haven’t yet, perhaps you’d add this there.
    Cammies on the Floor recently posted…Look of IntentionsMy Profile

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