FFF: Only in London …

Key Phrase: Bad Idea
Word Limit: 2000 Characters, including Spaces
Forbidden Words: Naked, Shower
Bonus Words: Tell us about a bad idea of your own.
Extra Credit: Come up with a new bad idea…..

I struggled with this prompt a lot; the picture smacked of non-consent and I struggle to write that. But then a viral video triggered a gem of an idea. If you haven’t seen the video … do! It’s amazing.

He was always up for a challenge; she was always up for a wager. It made for some interesting combinations.

Watching my two flatmates battle egos was never dull.

FFF_BadIdeaBorisThe first big bet was to annoy London Mayor, Boris Johnson. Jeff, the zipline operator, left the blonde oaf dangling in mid-air as the world’s media gloated; his reward was to have her wearing nothing but panties all weekend.

He teased her in the frilly pink underwear; the photos were uploaded to the social networking sites. Our friends laughed; the exhibitionists enjoyed the attention.

The following year, she bet the aspiring musician couldn’t have a top 40 single within twelve months: his friend’s band electro-synthesised pop track reached Number 39 this August and Jeff was a backing track player.

His reward was to screw the gorgeous girl; it started in the bathroom with the topless couple kissing on the sink. His strong hands kneading her bare bosom as she pondered the wisdom of her latest wager; the lesbian said she found heterosexual sex revolting.

FFF_BadIdeaHer wager was a bad idea, full stop. Hideously poor judgement.

As exemplified by their choice of a bathroom location for their intimacy.

His hands wandered seductively over her bare bosom, caressing the young lady’s orbs. He moved in to kiss her. He wanted to snog the sexy minx, hold his flatmate tightly to his unfettered chest and feel her body heat. She looked away, disgusted with herself and him, squirming on the porcelain furniture.

There was a crack, she lurched as their seduction broke the basin, falling from the wall and hospitalising my flatmates.

But she has a new idea; she’s seen a viral video. If Jeff can outrun an Underground train he can watch her have sex with her on-off bisexual girlfriend. If not, he wears the panties.

This will be interesting!

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Featured image from FFF Site; Boris from public domain

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  1. Feeble story. Pathetic. Like you.

    Your family would be so proud if they found out that you wrote this shit.

    • Hi Michelle,

      The internet is this amazing place where you can be as anonymous as you like, which means some people feel no need to act like a decent human being or apply any sense of what is morally right. Sadly there are always a few and your comment above shows that you don’t feel the need to act kindly towards someone you don’t know or have ever met. And if you do know, or have met John (your comment implies that you haven’t), then it doesn’t change that hiding behind comments like this is cowardly and bullying behaviour.


  2. This a Very Funny short story! The video of the man racing the underground train was fun to watch! Great Blog! Thank You Very Much!

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