FFF: Little Red

Key Words: “what a … you have”
Forbidden Words: riding, innocence
Word Limit: 382 words
Bonus Words: make her the corrupter (+75 words)
Extra Credit: tell about a time you corrupted someone innocent.

It’s a strange tale.

At the time I didn’t know who she was. I couldn’t see through the darkness of the night-time sky, punctuated pathetically by a strip of moonlight. My hotel bedroom was pitch-black.

And my mind was filled with scandalous mirages from within my twisted imagination; dreaming of lustful perversions when was awoken by scrabbling from my window. My bleary eyes saw a shadow advancing through the room. My heart froze.

I said nothing because I was too scared; my body rigid as she took another two steps towards me. I felt her presence although I could not see her. She was in the shadow of the wardrobe, checking out my still, lifeless body. Waiting for my move.

I eyed the door, and the window; I considered my phone inches from my right hand or the option of fighting her. My mind evaluated every possibility; I didn’t want to be found slaughtered in my bed the following morning. For a split-second, the image of my battered and bloodied corpse in the hotel room entered my mind: thinking of a tutting, bespectacled detective, pondering my last few moments.

It was my future.

Only it wasn’t. I felt her hand touch my wrist. I shivered and jolted, squealing as her gentle frame joined me on my single bed. “Hello, big-boy! Remember me?”

Her voice was soft and gentle, warming and smooth like luxurious cocoa and just as tempting. I felt her legs nestle either side of me, and slide down my body, uncovering my torso as she wriggled. She sighed as her body swept over my cock, grinding against my flaccid organ as her hands held my wrists onto the mattress.

“Don’t you want me, baby?”

Just who was this woman? I sighed as her sexiness swelled my cock, her body singing my rhythm as she guided my cock into her. “Wow! What a nice cock you have!”

She stroked my ego as she bucked her hips against my prick, panting loudly as her rocking body brought me to the orgasm the late night television channels didn’t. She whimpered nasally as I grunted and shook, filling her cunt with my cum and slouching into the mattress.

FFF_1024For a moment, my eyes now adjusted to the light, saw her; the red hood pulled over the ginger hair and her gaze of excitement and naughtiness. “Hey!” I cried. “Hey, can we …”

But we couldn’t; the near naked girl ran out of my room and down the length of the hotel corridor. She was gone before I gave chase and I didn’t see her until the following morning when I was checking out of the small hotel.

She smiled, passing my record to the proprietor as I paid my bill. “Wow! What a nice hotel receptionist you have!” I said, staring at my night-time visitor.

“She is,” he replied as she blushed. “She’s my daughter.”

Flash Fiction Friday

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  1. Not sure if I’d rather be the guest in the hotel, or the daughter? Seems like she probably has a lof of fun! Hope Daddy never finds out! Great story this week!
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  2. “Wow! What a nice cock you have!”. This is the line in the story made me laugh. Really interesting story and amazing woman in the photo.

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