FFF: Know the game

Key Words: Pink
Forbidden Words: Blue
Word Limit: 300 words
Extra Credit: She’s not the only one enjoying herself!
Bonus Words: +30 words every time “pink” is used; -30 words every time any other colour is used!

You knew the game.

I said I’d seize control of your body with just my mind; it’s a gift: a unique talent. An unenviable curse.

You knew the rules too. Millions of people watching this scene live in glorious HD, streamed from my site across the Internet as you hide your eyes from the camera. We can see you. Resplendent in your demure pink pyjamas, groaning and crying as the agony of restraint becomes intolerable.

They’ll see the bored woman twisting and writhing, taking a wager of public humiliation against my thousand pounds.

FFF_0116And enjoy it they do, as you beg me to stop cursing you with my mind. Pleading. Desperate for me to return control of your body to you.

But of course I won’t.

You’ve seen the videos.

You knew the game.

I smile as your fingers twist against your sopping clitoris. It’s a ferocious relief; a warmth excitingly doused as your mind is stuffed with carnal lustings for the gentleman in the room. They’ve come to fuck you, my dear. All twelve of them. Long thick dicks with big balls full of cum for you.

All for you.

All for the primmest little schoolteacher in the village.

And as your whimpers and cries build, they know they’re going to get hours of fun with you. But it’s what you want right now. It’s what you need.

I can feel it as my mind taps further into yours; I can see your dirty fantasies that I’ve unlocked. I can read your mind, dance through your memories.

Does your husband know about these?

Perhaps I should tell him.

After all, you came to see me to pay off his gambling debts. He’s probably watching you right now. He’s going to see everything. Every last piece of your orgy.

And now your pyjama bottoms are soaked with your lust as your mind is tipped towards insatiable arousal, there’s no way back.

He hoped you’d resist.

But he knew the game.

Flash Fiction Friday

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  1. Her Degradation and Humiliation at satisfying Her Husbands debts, starting with Her Gangbang, and revealing Her Nasty Sexual Fantasies, come to Life, Out of Her Mind is Pure Evil! Great Story ( I Say With a Big Smile of Satisfaction)!

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