FFF: Keraunophilia

Key Words: beautiful disaster
Forbidden Words: dark, scary, pubic, down
Word Limit: 400 words
Bonus Words: how do you feel in storms?
Extra Credit: tell about a time you should have been more concerned than you were

Her frantic command, screamed loudly, carried above the wind. “Faster!”

Her hands gripped my naked skin, painfully digging her fingertips into my flesh as my cock drove deep into her cunt. We were panting; her long legs spread obscenely as I furiously pounded into her lithe, wonderful body.

“Slut, aren’t you?”

The words she loved to hear. My shouts fired her arousal like a flash of petrol onto a naked flame. She groaned, and squealed, crying as her body was plundered by her friend. Savagely and remorselessly.

The storm clouds gathered ominously overhead. The biting chill of the wind sniped at our bare skin as I drove faster and harder into her pussy. Her exposed nipples rubbed sensually against my hirsute body; her greasy cunt writhing as I rocked deeper and faster into her.

I felt the first flash of lightning as her body tensed against mine; she came on the roll of the thunder. Deep, booming rumbles from Brontes interrupted by passionate, uncontrollable cries from Leah.

Her body shook as the first drops of tepid rain landed on her skin; her body rocked as the storm moved overhead.

“Faster!” She yelled above the wind and rain. “Do it!”
She panted breathlessly. Encouraging, pleading, wanting. Desperate.

Desperate for me to come inside of her.

Desperate for the storm to lash against her skin.

Desperate to climax again.

FFF_KeraunophiliaDesperate to conceive in the middle of nature’s greatest show.

Leah’s face tore with pleasure as the water bounced off the ground and our sodden towel. Deserted buildings on the tor lay abandoned, witnessing her quivering cunt tipping me over the edge into the an avalanche of pleasure.

A dozen waves of sin coursed through me as I filled her cunt with my seed before we collapsed in each other’s arms, smiling and watching.

The storms had come almost constantly for days: for holidaymakers and farmers it was tragedy, but watching the gentle curves of Leah, and the awe-inspiring power of nature, it was a beautiful disaster.

Flash Fiction Friday

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