FFF: Hiding from trouble

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Key Words: Hide OR seek
Forbidden Words: any word that can be a colour
Word Limit: 333 words
Extra Credit: ever played nudey hide and seek?
Bonus Words: +100 words if she’s doing the searching

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American Universities have fraternities and sororities: places for students to enjoy their debauched fun. England has… well… Universities for that. Lecture theatres, halls of residences, laboratories: why limit orgiastic enjoyment to a few opportunities when there are dozens of buildings for hedonism?

It started in the bar at ten to midday with a dozen shots of flavoured vodka. It continued with a few pints until the dusk faded into darkness and the remaining players had a warm buzz around their inhibitions.

Breaking into the Science department was easy: the game was simple. We’d hide in the labyrinth with an item of Sandra’s clothing, and the naked girl would try to find all of us unless she wanted to traipse across the campus naked.

I hid in a meeting room behind the main office, as the bare-assed woman counted to fifty. She cried out our names, striding towards and then away from me. For fifteen minutes, I waited: nothing happened. I rubbed the soft silkiness of her panties in my hand, smelt her muskiness and delighted in their succulent feminity brushng against my skin.

FFF_1121The naked woman entered the room as my boredom soared, laughing as she stumbled behind the receptionist’s desk to see me sat in the secluded room in pitch darkness. “I can’t find anyone,” she moaned as I tossed the naked girl her underwear, taking a moment to enjoy her feminine curves and delicious breasts in the half-light: so firm, and enticing. So beautiful.

She froze as we heard a voice; the lights in the main room flickered into life as we stared horrified at each other. “Shit! It’s the new evening classes,” the terrified biology student whispered as she stood motionless: our minds whirred with the disciplinary problems we’d face. Seconds felt like hours, my heartbeat became tremors as pathetic excuses rumbled around my brain; frantically concocting elaborate lies as footsteps got louder and louder.

I blinked, holding my breath as Sandra quivered beside me: still naked.

“What the…”

“We’re here for the class demonstration,” Sandra blurted as the receptionist gasped at the naked girl. “Just getting changed. Where’s the lecture?”

I hummed, gulping as the quick-thinking girl saved us from being reported to the Dean. Only, that for appearances, I also had to strip and two naked students were escorted to Professor Roberts evening class on sexuality.

The room erupted into laughter, and he wasn’t expecting two drunk nudes from “Madhouse Models Ltd, for all your bare-assed needs” but we had a laugh and I got to see a lot more of the naked Sandra as we road-tested the bedsprings on her mattress until dawn.

And our friends that night: cowards, scampering like frightened field mice into the anonymity of University.

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