FFF: Heather

Word Limit – 213
Required Ending – “WOW, that was…..(fill in the blank)”
Forbidden words – Smoke
Bonus Words – Don’t leave her alone (unless you are into that)
Extra Credit – Buy an extra present for a local Christmas toy drive (50 words and a smug feeling of satisfaction for each toy donated)

I did go over the 213 words, but I can square that with the “extra credit” section due to the Teddy Bear collection at work earlier in the month! 😉

Everyone knew Hannah; everyone. Some called her a good-time party girl, others were less charitable, but everyone knew her.

For two years I had heard the rumours: drinking games, drugs, tricks and of course, the lust-filled orgies. It was all part of the Hannah legend, and she was well outside of my league.

Until that night; that night she asked me – a nerd, a hopeless virgin – to play pool. She made sure I saw her cleavage and ogled her short skirt riding up her thighs; she wasn’t wearing any knickers!

“Come upstairs,” she demanded and smiled as I spluttered nervously; would this girl really want my virginity? I marvelled at the sight of her naked body by her bed; so sensual and elegant. She grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of her!

She panted, kissing me furiously as her hand touched my cock; it felt wonderful and exciting. Electric. Butterflies kissed my belly button as she guided my cock into her cunt and rhythmically bucked her hips.

I groaned, panting as my cock fizzed with every thrust; it was heaven. She squealed and then screamed, pushing me away from her as her eyes froze. “Hannah?” Her body convulsed, as a blood-filled scream filled the room. “Hannah!”

I panicked; her cunt was smouldering as a smother rose from her legs. “Fuck,” I gasped; had I done that? It wasn’t in any sex educational manuals. I hurriedly threw the remnants of a drink over her smouldering crotch. “Hannah! I’m sorry,” I pathetically said, anxiously throwing the duvet over her legs. “What did I do?”

Hannah laughed. “Did you really think you did that?” The joker cried and removed the source of the confusion – a “grenade” as her two friends emerged from the wardrobe, guffawing mercilessly.

“You tricked me,” I shouted, covering up my nudity. “And …”

“Oh, come on,” Hannah replied seductively. “I’m all hot now,” she spluttered and cocked her head. “What’s better than one girl taking your cherry? Three!” The three girls winked at me.

Wow! That was a complete surprise!

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