FFF: Great balls of fire!

On October 10th, Finland celebrates their Literature Day, so the prompt this week comes from the land of Lordi …

Key Words: Shoes
Banned Words: Socks
Word Limit: 238 words
Bonus Words: Get +10 words for each adjective used that means “hot” but isn’t “hot” 😉 (no repeats!)

Her fingers fluttered over my naked cock, sensually dancing her light touch over my sensitive prick. My breathing snatched and muted, waiting. Expecting. Hoping. Wanting … it.

I felt her warmth pressed against my sides as her bosom lay against my chest. Sensual and intimate.

The fire drew patterns on the canvas of the tent, illuminating the blazing beauty of Venla in the darkness. She was gorgeous.

The University student bristled with mischief; her hand gripped my prick and slid along the shaft, causing me to gasp in unexpected delight at her firm grasp of my member. I sighed as the unattainable girl slowly glided the palm of her hand over the tip of my manhood, looking into my eyes as I writhed.

Her sizzling sexuality bonded us. My hands touched her mound, her lips touched mine. Our bodies tessellating to savour our last kiss as mere friends. The Mathematics student pushed her hair from her face as she straddled me, sliding my turgid manhood between her legs as she slowly rocked forward.
Slowly. Very slowly. Allowing me to enjoy every touch of our union: the loss of my virginity, the birth of a new kind of friendship.

She stared teasingly into my eyes, watching as I panted, enjoying the heavenly sensations from my crotch until I could resist no more and came in the young Finnish girl. She giggled at the look on my face.

FFF_1010“In Finland, it’s tradition for men who lose their virginity to jump a fire naked,” she lied. I tried to leap across the bonfire.

I failed.

In agony.

I have burns to my crotch.

But Venla was worth it.

Flash Fiction Friday


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