FFF: Flying Naked

Key Words: CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), Service
Word Limit: 300 
Forbidden Words: Flight, Mile High Club
Extra Credit: Add an element of Truth
Bonus Words: 50 if she’s not a stewardess

My time is precious but I was there because it was Mark asking. My friend made his billions through taking unique ideas to market. The self-heating cup, the vibrating masturbation suit and the calorie-free pizza were his inventions. But he sought my advice on every one.

I met him at Gate 12 of the airport; he stood waiting for me, impatiently checking his mobile as usual. “Come,” he hurried. “We take off in thirty, air traffic slots.”

“That’s …”

“Need to be ready,” he complained, closing the door behind me. “Take your clothes off.”


“I need you naked.”

“Have you always felt this way?” I teased, but he passed me a woven bag and started undressing. “You serious?”

He was. The rugby scar was soon visible and I saw the birth mark on his buttocks before I had even touched a sock. “Come on, quick!”

“Naked? In an airport? You’re crazy!”

He sighed; he had never let me down before and I begrudgingly undressed, storing my possessions in the bag.

Mark refused to explain what he had planned until he hurried me along the covered gangway. “The problem with flying is the security services. So I’m going to do anyway with the checks. Fly naked,” he finally explained as we reached one of his private jets. “Au-naturel airways.”

“What?! You must be …”

FFF_AuNaturelAirwaysBut the words disappeared as I saw her. The naked brunette, leaning against the cabin door, pouting provocatively as two naked men entered the plane. “This is Annette.”

“The stewardess?”

“Pilot. Why do you assume pretty girls can’t fly planes?” he admonished me as I sat on a brown leather seat. “Those are the stewardesses.” He pointed to two gorgeous nude women entering the plane, with coquettish smirks and beguiling bodies. “They love looking after my travellers,” he promised with a wink. “In every way.”

“And the CAA allow this?”

Mark laughed. “The president has unlimited flights gratis,” he replied. “He thinks it’s a good idea. Do you?”

And as the blonde stewardess ran her hands down my body with a promising look, I had to agree.

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