FFF: The doggy

You walk into a room, and see the sight adjacent. What happened next …
Key Words: chocolate
Forbidden Words: monster
Word Limit: 2,000 characters
Extra Credit: Would you?
Bonus Words: + 100 words if revenge is in the air

I couldn’t help but laugh, choking on my chocolateFFF_1205; our host had excelled himself. Shackled in the bath of his expensive flat was a man, cased in tight fitting rubber and wearing a dog’s hood. It looked crazily sinister, desperately silly and so very sexy. Rampantly kinky, but we’re like that.

“His girlfriend asked if I could find some people to bring out his bisexual depravity,” the naked host explained. “Find his inner cock slut.”

I never knew how Brian found so many men who wanted to experiment or play with the same sex. So many men who were eager to have their sexuality not just questioned but thoroughly tested. Men who were eager to play for other side.

Like me.

I was that man once.

He found me in a cocktail bar, drinking to girlfriend departed, the alcohol a sad footnote to a troubled relationship. We talked: a stranger made me feel better, and we drank until the small hours were nothing but a memory.

Which was when he asked me the question in the alleyway; did I want a blow job? My inhibitions banished, I watched as he lowered my jeans and sunk his mouth onto my cock. It felt good; amazingly so. The guilty worries never surfaced as my prick danced to the tune of a gentle, careful, sensational sucking.

I learnt a lot that weekend; I learnt how to orally please men as well as women and that my prostate was a glorious sexual organ of near limitless passions. I learnt how swallow the cum of dozens of men, and how to inflict pleasurable pain. But most of all, I learnt that I was a bisexual kinky slut who enjoyments in the bedroom should never be limited to one gender.

Which was why Brian rang me; he had a guy and he needed my help. He needed help from all of his guys. The guy’s wife had caught him masturbating to gay pornography with a furry twist and she wanted to give him what he craved.

So we pulled him from the bath tub and set to work, pushing my cock through his mask of anonymity as his hole was prepared with lube from behind.

He loved it.

He was, quite literally, a dog with two dicks!

Flash Fiction Friday

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  1. Another Great Story! His Wife finding Him with ‘Gay” Pornography; then Humiliating Him With Sex as a Dog – He’s Happy, the ‘Fuckers’ are Happy, and , hopefully His Wife Gets Off, ‘Outing’ Him makes Everyone Satisfied! However, I Read it 4 Times, plus a couple of Your Soccer Stories to Finally Get Off Myself! LOL! Your Stories are ALWAYS Twisted and TopNotch! Thank You!

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