FFF: Birthdays!

FFF_1128It’s my birthday this week so this is all about the birthday spankings. Perhaps, like me, you don’t mind them, going as far to enjoy them. Perhaps you dislike them, tell us a story
Key Words: Birthday
Forbidden Words: leather, cry
Word Limit: 396 words (the number of months I’ve been alive!)
Extra Credit: tell us about a birthday spanking
Bonus Words: +24 words for every additional spanker or victim

My hands touched the expensive wood, resting on the small table. My head brushed against the lampshade of the brass light as I was pushed forward, presenting my backside for her amusement. She wordlessly removed my trousers, pushing my boxer shorts to my thighs, and snorted.

I felt exposed; she never cared. I blushed; she said nothing. My feelings were insignificant as her wooden paddle rubbed the peachy cheeks of her victim.

I’d heard about her antics before. I’d heard about her beliefs and her torments, her persuasiveness, her punishments and her anger, but I had never experienced them.

Until now.

Until that moment when my bare ass was presented to the wild woman with a weapon and was ready to exhibit sadistic vengeance.

Nothing prepared me for the first smack; I closed my eyes as my heart pounded in my chest, every nerve tingling with fearful anticipation, but I wasn’t ready. I did not understand what to expect, and as my body shivered, she smashed the paddle against my skin.

I screamed. I yelled, bawling into the evening as my flesh burnt in pain.

Not since I was a toddler had I suffered the indignity of a spanking. And she cackled as I suffered, laughing as her right hand brought a dozen smacks of her arsenal onto my backside.

The pain was intense; the reddened skin sizzled from her continued abuse of my flesh. She savoured my discomfort, enjoying the misty eyes pleading for respite as I gazed up at her.

“Don’t you ever, ever, EVER, forget my sister’s birthday again!” The sadistic dominatrix demanded, pointing angrily at her errant brother-in-law as I felt my abused and punished rump. “Now go and say sorry.”

“Yes,” I muttered, before turning to my giggling wife and apologising profusely. “Sorry, I forgot your birthday.”

Flash Fiction Friday

Image from FFF site, and Tumblr. 

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  1. Great Story! Spankfunfor is My Username! Spanking Beautiful Women is my Avocation! Your Bright Red Butt gives Your Idea to Try it Myself!

  2. Yes, say sorry, damnit!
    ‘as her wooden paddle rubbed the peachy cheeks of her victim’ loved this. Sounds so pretty yet you know what’s coming.
    Masokitti recently posted…AsserciseMy Profile

  3. Absolutely wonderful! My hubby forgot my bday one year…but I doubt he’d take his punishment so well. He’d probably make me take it for him…. lol :-)

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