FFF: The Birthday Party

Keywords: entrance or exit, but not both.
Forbidden words: blindfold, slave, slut
Bonus words: tell us about your first experience with a blindfold or sensory deprivation.
Extra credit: put more than two people in the room, but don’t let the extras touch.
Word count:  150 words from her perspective and 150 from another
A wonderful suggestion from @Masokitti on Twitter.

Her tale is in pink, his tale is in blue. 

FFF_EntranceExitThey told me it was for their friend, my husband. They told me it was his secret fantasy. They told me he spoke of little else, and I know my life partner is perverted. I know he has hidden desires, so I agreed. It was his 30th Birthday and he had let them organise his party. And I was drunk.

Although, I enjoyed it too. Deprived of my senses and liberty as man after man took turns in me, pushing their thick cocks into my tingling pussy and pounding me to orgasm after orgasm.

I felt the spasming members, shooting their thick cum deep inside and pumping their seed into me. I adored the rough grasp of their fingers on my thighs as my splayed legs were parted obscenely. I heard voices, sniggers, pants and squeals. I had an audience. Tens, maybe hundreds of people watching as I lost count of the amount of men fucking me senseless until they led me into the other room. It was sordid, yet hot.

It was my birthday and my fellow colleagues had organised my party. I didn’t think they liked me too much as I was a pretty strict manager, but I let them. Single guys mostly, but good guys. I’d been plied with drink until my lingerie-clad wife entered the room, cheering coming from behind her. “Guys?”

“She has a surprise for you!”

I was lay on the reclining sofa, looking up as she slid on top of my face, the first slither of cum exiting her pussy and landing on my mouth. Was this really happening to me?

My colleagues cheered and laughed as my drunk wife rode my tongue, saturating my mouth with the thick slime as I ate up their semen with wild abandon and a rock-hard dick.

It was degrading and humiliating. Disgusting. But I loved it! How did they know what my hidden bookmarks were?

But I sucked it from her hole as if it was the sweetest nectar known to man. She cried and groaned, bucking her hips as she orgasmed in front of all my friends and colleagues and shot the last wad of semen into my mouth.

We don’t need a birthday to organise a party any more. And for some reason, I’m a lot more popular at work.  

The first time I was blindfolded was in the Scouts as part of a trust-orientation game. The first erotic time I was blindfolded was at University and I was tied to the bed too!

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