FFF: Beautiful lady!

Key Words – Relief
Word Limit – 239
Forbidden words – unbeknownst, twitterpated. scullery
Bonus words – 25 points if there is a crowd cheering outside the room
Extra Credit – have you, would could you, in a stall?

We thought he was teasing us.

We thought his wide grin was the mark of the jester, not sexual relief etched upon his cheeky smile.

We thought our student friend was jostling with our gullibility and not recounting another notch in his amazing journey of lustful decadence.

And a journey he was on; he wanted to try everything and barely a week went past when Sam was not engaged in exotic adventures overflowing with erotic hedonism.

That evening appeared to be the exception; we met in town for drinks, he had a date. But she looked so normal: long straight black hair to the middle of her back, a statuesque figure and a painfully short skirt.

But Sam was used to whittling his bedpost with beautiful young ladies: there was nothing obviously unique about her. He chatted and slipped off to an Italian restaurant to seduce her, his date on his arm, his lips salivating.

We returned to the flat a few hours later; he sat naked in our kitchen, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

He explained everything; we didn’t believe him.

“Go and see for yourself; she’s having a leak.”

And we did.

She turned to face us, her cock in her hand as the transsexual giggled at four shocked faces. “Your friend is very good,” she added; her knickers stretched across her knees. “Care to join us?”

It’d be rude not to!

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