FFF: Audition for Daddy

Word Count: Minimum 200, Maximum 400
Bonus Words: +100 if you can explain why she’s wet… and wearing heels.
Required Word: Found

Forbidden Word: Lost
Extra Credit: How many men are in this picture?

“Coo-eee!” Her voice travelled across the courtyard; she stood on the path, a knee on the low wall. She had the four men’s attention: the gardener, the chaffeur, the landscape sculptor and the tree surgeon. “He in?”

“Evie, you better put some clothes on!” The chaffeur shouted.

Evie scoffed. Her svelte body descended elegantly down the steps. She winked at one man, kissed another, in full view of the scurrying driver.


She counted to ten, as the men openly ogled her. She stood motionless in the driveway, waiting for the bellowing thunder.

It would come.

“Evie!” His powerful voice was the cue for the oglers to hastily melt away, as she stood akimbo, waiting for the purple face to emerge from the house. “What is the meaning of this? Get inside and …”

“No,” she replied defiantly. “It was you that jacked up the interest rate on my car loan,” she shouted accusingly. “All because I’m dating him.”

“Evie …”

“No, Dad. You want the clothes off my back, you can have them.”

“He’s vile!”

“He makes pornography.” She focused on his expression. “And so do I. But he makes me happy. Every touch sends shivers down my spine. Every kiss is the sweetest honey, and every spank is an explosion of lust shooting through me. He makes me complete.”

“He hits you, love. Now if my bank needs to do something to make you come home and see sense …”

She cackled. “Your little princess has found an advert for a 25-man gangbang. They need a woman and the fee will make this month’s payment. She’ll be naked, wet, wearing heels. Just like this. And then every man’s going to fuck me, Daddy. Fill every hole, and pound into me like I’m a cheap piece of meat, making me scream. They are going to cum over my face, over my tits, up my cunt. Maybe I’ll get pregnant. You’ll like that, right? But the best bit, is that it’s you that’s forced me to do it. Every fuck’ll be for you!”

He clenched his fingers into fists. “But …”

“I’ve got no other choice.” She let her mouth curl into a smile in the sunshine. “Either I make those payments or I’ll go bankrupt. And I was always taught to pay my way in life. Tony even says he could get me some work at a brothel to help but …”

“Enough, Evie. Ee-nough!” His voiced echoed around the courtyard and stared at his errant daughter. “OK. I’ll put the interest rate back to where it was,” he sighed.

“And leave it there.”

“And we’ll leave it there,” he promised. “If you don’t do the gangbang.”

“Deal,” she muttered. “I make enough through my spanking porn anyway unless you hike up my payments.” He groaned, as she backed away from her angry father until she reached the steps. “Oh, and one last thing. Tony and I are getting married this afternoon. You want an invite?”

Image from Sangre Del Toro, obtained from the FFF site

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  1. What great negotiating skills. I love it. Thanks for joining in and writing such an entertaining piece. But she should keep the number for the gang-bang producer, I have a feeling she has some big bills coming her way. And, BTW, I through a wedding in mine as well. Maybe it was the gardeners
    advizor54 recently posted…FFF – April 18 – Wet and WatchingMy Profile

  2. Wow! I am picturing having this argument with my father, not sure the negotiation would have been so pleasant! Way to stand your ground lil lady! My jaw dropped and stayed that way throughout the whole read. Well done!
    Measha recently posted…FFF- UndercoverMy Profile

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