February Photofest Day 27: Luminance

Molly is running a meme to challenge bloggers to post an erotic photo each day. I will try and take part during February. In addition - to give my photos some focus - I will try and post a kink-related post on Saturdays, glass toy image (Sundays), a clothing-inspired snap (Mondays), a Macro shot (Tuesdays), a Nudity shot (Wednesdays), a toy picture (Thursdays) and a random, off-beat pic each Friday. ;-)

This is my first “proper” HDR picture from Luminance.

The picture was taken in complete darkness except for half-a-dozen tea lights and the camera left on a five second exposure.  I love how the feather has come out, and the bright range of colours

If you have a camera that can shoot RAW, check out Luminance: it’s pretty good!

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