ETO Show 2014

I have just returned from my first ETO Show, and have had a wonderful day. First of all, I’d like to wish Dirty Little Whispers and her partner happy anniversary, and ask Birmingham who, in their planning department, has a roundabout fetish; they need help! Or I needed a SatNav.

Alas, I relied on my phone camera and many of pictures I took were not brilliant; so apologies for the quality of some of the images below. I will take my proper camera next year. 

The ETO Show is held at the NEC in Birmingham, and attracts the biggest and best companies who specialise in adult products – from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers. It was a blogger’s dream and although I had four hours there, it didn’t seem like nearly enough time.

The centre of the event was a Lingerie Catwalk. Dozens of men and women wearing provocative clothing on a stage a few feet away: there are worse ways to spend a Sunday! While the Alter Ego, Baci and New Temptations girls were gorgeous, and their attire delightful …


…it was KinkyMonkey that made the biggest impression. Indeed, when I caught up with the models later, the two ladies wearing the giant strapons must have had some serious strength in their muscles as the toys around their waist were a serious weight!


I was delighted to catch a few moments with Rocks-Off (congratulations on their ETO Award); the guy was grilled extensively by a certain member of our party. 😉 The tattooed toys certainly piqued my interest, but the innovation shown throughout their range was quite breath-taking: they are a company that will experiment. And the RO-DEO and RO-LO looked immense fun.

The Svakom couple were at a much smaller stall but had two great innovations. First was a vibrator that warmed to around 40 degrees Celsius before use; the other was a camera on the end of a toy that could stream live video. Now, the geek in me then started asking about refresh rates and video resolutions (640×480 by the way), and while I have some technological queries over the practical use of these, I would love to get my hands on trying them!


I’d like to give a special mention to New Temptations: their lingerie is fantastic, but the lady was absolutely fabulous 😉

I’d reviewed ElectraStim (also ETO Award winners) multi-pack last year, and was delighted to see that they had replaced their Vaginal/Anal Probe with a more flared version; it was my major bugbear when I reviewed it, and they’ve acknowledged that. It’s fantastic when companies listen to feedback and I’ve had some fun with e-stim; I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.


Although if you are a bit worried about shelling out for an electrostim kit, then MyStim have an interesting alternative: a vibrator that has e-stim built in. And although I managed to keep a straight face while I was being electocuted (again), it certainly felt as if it has more than enough tingle to excite.


Scratchems are new and they had some near-final products at the show. It is a wall poster that has a number of sexual positions from the Kama Sutra which reveal colourful pictures and humorous text when scratched off. Best of luck to them, when it does launch, as I think they have a great product that could be ideal fodder for jovial presents and 18-30 holidays.


Doxy Massager were at the show with their award-winning product, and a new prototype. Personally, I am not quite sure what they put in the water down in the West Country, but they’ve taken their mind-blowing 9,000rpm and combined it with a phallic shaped vibrator that is a very impressive size (although smaller versions are being made). It’s one to look out for over the coming months.


Another product to look out for over the next few months is the updated Hot Octopuss Pleasure Pulse; the current toys have come with great reviews and the new improvements sound fantastic; it will be on my Christmas list.

I did spend most of the day unintentionally messing up the carefully crafted displays, and none more so than at the Creative Conceptions stand. The Key by JOPEN “affordable luxury” range have made some amazing design decisions, such as the removable sleeves of the Io Mini Massager and the additional thought to how the user/partner will hold onto the Lela and Aries while using them. I am also, now, quite enchanted by the G-Vibe and didn’t want to give it back! That’s on my Christmas list too!


I sneaked a peek at the Bondage Kit at the Cara Sutra Collection and it looks incredible value: eight items for under £70. Unlike some blindfolds that seem to be made from material that is thinner than condom latex, the supplied mask would work as designed. Indeed all of the items looked good value although I’m not too sure on the sturdiness or strength of the flogger: if I ever get my hands on a set, my wife will no doubt give a thorough workout on my flesh.

I have a Bourbon scented massage candle to review from Jimmy Jane, that promises to be enough for 30 massages worth; plus, I can now try Molly’s trick of wax play after massage oil! 😉

It was good to meet, albeit in passing, Ruby Goodnight and Ruby Kiddell, and was gutted to miss out on seeing Gritty Woman. Next time!

And I close my post on the item that captured my attention: an electastim chastity cage. I can’t think of anything quite so torturous…


… But I’d wear it in a heartbeat! ‘Til next year … it was fun, although I don’t think I’ve done the event justice.

And sorry to all those people I’ve missed! 😉 

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