Eroticon Highlights

Having had a couple of days to consider the weekend, and having read some of the reviews other delegates have posted I wanted to write what I considered to be the six highlights of Eroticon 2013 for me and what would stay ingrained in my memory. I cannot say anything in a review that has not already been said better by other people, so I will try and write about my highlights instead.

The other delegates

Without a doubt, and one thing I did not expect before I went, the highlight of the event was meeting such a diverse, interesting, friendly and tolerant bunch of people. I seriously cannot stress how welcome I found myself, what great conversations I had and how inspirational and enthusiastic everyone was. I learned a lot from everyone.

The come-down from the weekend by going to work was a nightmare and I was seriously unhappy on Monday until I got home. I was genuinely missing the company of people I had only known for a few hours: something I have never experienced before. Eroticon 2014 is just too far away. Thank fuck for Twitter (see below)


On the Saturday there was a performance in a bar in Kennington containing Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells, a hilarious cabaret act, and a number of brilliant erotic readings.The evening was relaxed, enjoyable and in places, funny, and it was a shame when it drew to an end. Congratulations to Harper for organising it; it was unlike anything I have ever been to before.

Molly’s talk

For me, the seminar where I learned the most was at Molly and Michael‘s talk on BDSM Tools of the Trade. I don’t write much BDSM: I don’t have much experience with the acts or the equipment and I do try never to write about something that I know could be an unfair representation on a community. This talk was an eye-opener: I got to see and touch an arsenal of BDSM equipment, and see a couple of items demonstrated by a master “practitioner.” Molly and Michael were exceptionally frank and honest, very candid and connected with their audience. I think I learned more in that 45 minutes than I have in any 45 minutes in my life.

As an aside, Molly’s talk on writing a successful sex blog was exceptional as well.


I had a Twitter account. I had half-a-dozen followers, I followed no-one and had tweeted two dozen times in fifteen months. “I use Twitter,” I said.

I was wrong. I didn’t use Twitter.

I now use Twitter and it is a fantastic device to have micro-conversations with people I met and who I have never met, and maybe will never do. I love it, I am a convert. It’s great. #Can’tSpendAllDayTweetingThough

Thanks to Dirty Little Whispers and Decadent Whispers for this “education”

Meeting Zoe Margolis

I hate “hero worship” so I felt a bit uncomfortable putting this in, but I loved Zoe Margolis’s book Girl with one track mind and her blog many years ago. I found it, by accident, and was hooked, loaning her book (and a couple of others) around the office as “great books.” Zoe’s session with Nikki was the one seminar I wanted to go to more than any other; I have met Mark Thomas, I can’t meet The Marquis de Sade or Dante, so that only leaves Danny King for me to have met all of my favourite authors! Aside from the point that I made a tit of myself, it was good to hear what she (and Nikki) had to say. Can I say I went to London and met a proper star? Yes, I think I can.

John Tisbury and Mario Cacciottolo

I have a camera. Before I went to Eroticon, I would have thought it was the most important thing for a photographer to possess. I was wrong; it is boundless enthusiasm  The two photographers at the event were truly fantastic. John Tisbury is an Erotic Artist of the Year and his talk on photography was exceptional; he took us through some of his photographs drawing attention to what he was looking at, but his candour was appreciated. Mario Cacciottolo is currently doing a project that will involve him travelling the world, photographing people and collecting stories. When listening to him talk about his work, he got across a real sense of excitement and passion. It was infectious, and am now considering what submissions I can make to the Twitter memes Molly spoke about.

So that’s my six things I will remember; what’s yours?

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    1. I am so glad you enjoyed our session and our my one on blogging. I have forgotten I owe you a little blog run down. Soon I promise. It was lovely to meet you and I am looking forward to seeing what you get up to with your camera!


    2. It was a real pleasure to meet you, and I agree with quite a few of your highlights, haha. And thank you so much for the kind words about Aural Sex. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it so much.

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