Diamond Condoms?

I was “introduced” to the concept of the Diamond Condom, a product from Below the Belt Ltd, in the weeks before Erotica UK, the big exhibition in East London in October, as the company would be exhibiting their wares at the event.

The idea of their product is simple: a diamond attached to the tip of a condom in a presentation box. The smallest diamond costs around £10, rising to £100 for the biggest gem.

I will admit I was sceptical at first: I thought the idea of putting the hardest everyday substance known to man (10 on the Moh scale), in a piece of latex that was 0.04mm thick, that was destined to receive a fair amount of passionate wear and where a failure could result in disease and/or pregnancy, was something out of a satirical sketch show.

Indeed, I wondered if Baldrick was inside a condom factory holding up the latex contraceptive and screaming, “I have a cunning plan!”

Obviously, it is a novelty product only, but when  I mentioned the principle at work, and after the initial giggling and laughter, a number of my colleagues thought that it would make a good Secret Santa gift. There was almost interest and I began to see it in a different light. Below the Belt had a market!

My appreciation of this, did however, cause an issue between me and another blogger; she didn’t like her assertion challenged that it was a pointless product. She did agree with my belief that Erotica UK was not a great place for the product though; it’s novelty and I don’t think being between bespoke bondage furniture and a kink shop was great product placement, but I spoke to the guy who ran the stall at the show and is genuinely down to Earth.

We had a discussion and he has patented the principle of adding gemstones to condoms, sees it as a fun product for silly gifts and plans to bring out birthstone equivalents in the new year. All very interesting, and I was sent a free Diamond Condom last month and it looks very nice.

Just can’t quite work out what to do with it, though.

Diamond Condoms are available here

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  1. I was with someone who had his penis pierced (Prince Albert Piercing), and some of the piercings he used felt differently, even through the use of a condom. I’m assuming a gemstone, while not as large as a piercing, would feel similiar – something hard and inflexible rubbing and hitting spots inside of me. An extra sensation for the extra sensitive.
    Not to mention, I believe you’re right, it would make an excellent gag gift.
    Hell, this would be a great diamond to propose with as well: it says “I love you” like a diamond, and says that “the sex won’t dwindle after marriage” like being prepared with a condom. I would say yes to this kind of kick ass proposal.
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