A Darker Flame: Be careful what you wish for!

This is a warning.

There is a sinister and twisted beast out there, offering to make all your dreams come true. And when you take the malicious bastard up on his offer, you better be bloody careful what you wish for.

The cloudy apparition came from a letter in the post, swirling in blue smoke as the rotund figure gestured wildly. I had been chosen, he said. He promised to make my dreams come true, bring my fantasies to life and so on. It sounded almost believable.

“I want to be running naked through the surf on a Caribbean island with a rampantly sexy nymphomaniac, unlimited beer on tap and a massive telly with an Xbox,” I laughed, dreaming of five-star resorts and unlimited opulence. He disappeared into the empty envelope with a puff of smoke and then I felt myself dragged backwards through my wall and spinning, spiralling, and flying, screaming through a soulless black void as I landed naked on the beach.

A remote beach. A remote beach on a tiny island. A sandy beach of white sand on a tiny uninhabited island with the bright hot Sun. And no boat, or food.

My concerns disappeared the moment I saw her. Long locks of golden hair, swirling in the breeze as she emerged from the ocean. The surf swirled around her waist, the break of the water lapping at her thighs as she strode confidently onto dry land.

She was gorgeous. Long, flawless legs, a youthful smile and an insatiable lust in her gaze. The sparkle of her blue eyes was encouraging; the bite of her lips as she clamped eyes on my erection, enticing. “Excited, are we?” She muttered, stepping away from me. Her finger touched her lip as I went to speak, giggling with a playful cheekiness.

I wanted her; my feet sinking into the hot sand as she backed away from me, falling wordlessly onto the soft cushion. Her wet hands left a trail of moisture across her tanned skin, her eyes flickered, oblivious to her audience as the pads of her fingers swirled over her pearl.

I was motionless. My eyes were glued to the swell of her breasts and the heave of her panting, staring at the writhing woman masturbating in the midday sun.

My throat felt dry. I could taste her on the tip of my tongue. I could feel her firm pussy clamping around my erect cock, jutting into the warm sunshine as if it was saluting her hotness. I wanted her, and knelt at her ankles, ready to take my place between her legs.

Her body slouched against the sand, her face staring into the bright sun as her climax crashed into her body with deafening squeals and groans.

I looked dreamily into the moistness, waiting and wondering as I bent my head forward to nibble the inside of her thighs. “Hiya,” I muttered, glancing over the top of her hairless mons. “Hi I’m …”

“Don’t,” she panted, taking deep breaths. “Just watch, I like an audience.”

“But …”

“I’m a lesbian.”

“You’re a what?!” She licked her lips as she sank back in the abundant white of the beach and pushed her hand back between her legs. “You can’t be.”

“I can,” she gasped as her fingers plunged back into her crack. “And I need a hot woman so much!”

Don’t we all! I’d been well and truly tricked, by the genie. And as for the Xbox: it was waiting for me under a palm tree with the biggest television in the world, but we had no electricity. Useless; so I consoled myself with disgustingly warm beer from a giant, inexhaustible barrel in direct sunlight. The container too heavy to move, the drink too warm to enjoy.


We were rescued a few weeks later by a passing ship. It had been hell, and took two weeks to reach home, leaving my exhausted nymphomaniac friend and I to ponder about the “Evil Genie.”

We joined a Facebook Support group on our return to England, and heard some incredible stories from other victims. A supermodel, who wanted to be “hotter,”was stir-fried in a six foot wok. And it’s not just a twisted mind he possesses, his hearing isn’t too good either. My friend asked for “a million quid” but now has endless boxes of smelly dead squid to remove from his house.

So if a genie offers to make your dreams come true be careful what you wish for; you might just get it!

A Darker Flame

Image from A Darker Flame website. 

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  1. LOL, you have to learn to be more specific in your wishes!
    A fun and enjoyable read, even if it didn’t end up with quite the hot sex I had anticipated 😉

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