Confessions of an outraged Daily Mail reader

Molly’s Daily Kiss is one of the most popular sex blogs in cyberspace, and she has a part of her site given over for anonymous people to be able to write and air their views on something that is troubling them. It’s worth a read (in fact, the whole site is worthy of a read!)

The most recent article is called “Pride” and tells the true story of a young lady outed in her home town for being a sex worker. The cowardice and malevolence of the person who outed her is almost breath-taking and is in the inspiration behind this poem.

It’s base, it’s disgusting, I can’t believe my eyes
I’m looking on the net, and imagine my surprise
A girl I know is whoring, and selling her skills for dough
I thought she’s pretty nice: what do I know?

I’m sitting here outraged, what the hell can I do?
If I tell the wife, she’d wonder how I knew.
My spouse is very boring, she’s really very plain
If I told her my dreams, I think she’d show disdain

Which brings me to the net, and some fun I would seek
From a filthy little slut, and a very kinky streak
My needs are very dirty, I know you’d all agree
What I really dream of doing, is drinking ladies’ pee.

I hope I’ll get a spanking, from the whore I find,
Then’ll be in heaven, with my sore behind
And maybe’ll she be happy, and not give me a frown,
When I tell her fantasies, of me eating brown

But I don’t care, if she’s wants it plain
I’ve had none for months, I really won’t complain
My wife she doesn’t give, me any sort of sex
And then she gets all moody, when I object.

She very busy at work, and very active in the Church
But she doesn’t realise, that lack of screwing hurts
Now, a demon in the sheets, that was my slutty ex
She lived for shoes and parties, and several rounds of sex

This girl I found on the net, screwing for some cash
She lives around the corner, I bet she’s got a rash.
And I speak to her quite often, we spoke about the traffic
But now I’ve seen her blog, and it’s very pornographic.

She may be great mother, a laugh and helpful too
But she’s a prossie now, and nothing but a screw
I know she charges punters, for every suck and fuck
And maybe anal too, if they have the bucks

As I sit and think, staring at her breast
My mind starts to wander, what for the best?
I don’t want her here, I want to bring her down
She shouldn’t live here, or anywhere near this town

I think I must be angry, my hands are shaking more
This town is being spoilt, by this dirty little whore
House prices will fall, I’m afraid to report
If we let this girl stay, to whore and escort

Bad things will start to happen, if we let her stay
The dregs of society, will all come this way
Asylum seekers and gypsies, will flood to this place
And gays will come too, because of that disgrace

To show all the people, who lives amongst our midst
I outed the little harlot: I know they’ll all be pissed
This nasty little woman, is dragging us all down
We’ll all abuse and hound her, we’ll drive her out of town

But no-one must know it’s me, who doxed the nasty whore
That evil little woman, is rotten to the core.
I know it did it secretly, and maybe that was weak
Maybe I’m a coward, maybe I’m a sneak

But if it’s found out, that it the leaker was thee
I would have to say, that I was seeking pee
And to pay for a young lady, to fuck me wild and silly
Or lavish love upon my cock, and suck my little willy

For jobs: we have a salon, to paint the nails bright pink
Or perhaps we’ll have a bar, so girls can serve the drink
We could have a supermarket, where women never think
But we can’t have a prostitute, we don’t want her kink!

Don’t care she subtle, that’s not the point, my dear.
I must try to show her, I don’t want her here
Prostitutes in our town: that’s my greatest fear
So I made her sad, that feels me with some cheer

You may call me names, you may think that I’m a cunt
But I’m still feeling happy, from my little stunt
And feminists tell me, that I was in the right
Liberal twats aplenty, just call us uptight

But we’ll win the battle, and she’ll be pretty low
She should be a barmaid, instead of being a pro.
But I’m feeling lonely, and been looking on the net
I’ve found a Yorkshire girl, her name is Yvette

We’ve agreed upon a price, she’s doing an outcall
From her photo she looks lovely, she really is a doll
But nasty things a plenty, she’ll do to me I hope
She bringing all her paddles, and yards and yards of rope

Some would say I’m twisted, a hypocrite perhaps
But Yvette comes tomorrow, with her lady flaps
She has me all excited, my cock cannot wait.
But prossie’s in my village … that feels me with hate.

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