Comments disabled

My troll has struck again.

I would have thought that she would have better things to do.

Alas not.

But I do have more important things in my life.

And this blog isn’t one of them.

So I have disabled comments on the site because I don’t have the time to keep deleting them. Fortunately, this one was trapped by the Akismet filter, but many aren’t.

I just want to be left alone.

Alas, she won’t give me that.

I’ve already withdrawn from all the memes she does – SinfulSunday, WickedWednesday, ELust – and reluctantly set my domain to expire in March.

And now I’ve neutered the idea of a blog – the ability of a two-way conversation between the author and their readers.

But I don’t have the time to deal with her stupidity.

I just need to put distance between myself and this obsessed crazy.

So no comments. Any more.

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