The XXX Olympiad

The XXX Olympiad There is currently the 30th Olympiad – also known as the XXX Olympiad taking place in London, but what if the XXX wasn’t Roman numerals, but something else? This is a short flash story of some commentary that might be being said! Codes: exhib – MF – oral – Erotic Word Count: 3,000 Release …


The Au-Naturel Girls

Chauvinistic Adam Hodson, has the experience to remember when his new rented house catches fire and he is moved into a house of liberal, female nudists. As he struggles fully adapt, it is not just Adam who has to learn, as the girls have to adjust to his own foibles, weaknesses, and those of his violent, racist friend

On the Run

In this book, three people set about stealing from a mad Ukrainian gangster and then have to evade the Police, the heavies and anyone who is prepared to double-cross them for a slice of £800,000 in used banknotes, some jewellery and three priceless Argentinian artefacts.


Secrets Everyone has secrets: Katherine is pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is, Joseph is screwing his secretary, Charlotte has a gambling addiction with a loan shark on her back, Gareth secretly likes unusual sexual practices, Paul is an embezzling paedophile, Lewis is infatuated with the Russian au-pair while Matthew knows exactly who the …


The Shed (Summer Camp fan-fiction)

The Shed (Summer Camp Fan Fiction) Short light-hearted story covering an impatient gentleman meeting the Summer Camp characters and the author. Codes: nosex – Non-Erotic Word Count: 2,000 Release Date: November 2011 Related Posts:FFF: Oops!Growing Pains: Escaping from a MurdererThe Au-Naturel Girls

The Lottery Winner’s Challenge

The Lottery Winner’s Challenge A truth-or-dare fanatic sets up a series of challenges with her Internet friends where the top prize is a cool million. This contains story codes that I have not written before and the entire story was written at the request of a person a few years back on a forum. She …


Lucy gets a shock

Lucy gets a surprise when she visits the house of her student boyfriend and all was not as it seemed. This a very short story came out of a discussion with another author on the Scipio Forum when we agreed that a sentence that was written would make a good first line of a short story.