I came second!

Last week, when I was still John D, I entered Exhibit A’s “Suitcase” short story competition. The gentleman who ran the competition I met at Eroticon, and was keen to enter his challenge, despite only having five days from when I saw his post, to the closing date.

To be fair, he did say it could be from 250 words to 2,500 words, but I am a very wordy bastard, and while I am not in Tolstoy’s ridiculous league of rampant logorrhea, I will use up my word allowance to tell a story; so I had a fair little task on my busy hands to write “No Hope” in the allotted time.

Amazingly, I came second out of nine, winning a copy of Kinksters to add to my ever growing list of reading material. I loved a couple of the other entries, and as Anna Sky teased me at Eroticon: my imagination can be as dark as a Council streetlight. Congratulations to Charlie Powell for winning with Lost.

I think it was a great challenge: there was certainly some frantic typing as I started and restarted my story more than once as my tale took a much darker version: I do that a lot when writing. I would love to have had a fortnight to concoct a more polished version.

I hope he runs more; even if there is no prize. It was a fun thing to write, and with A Darker Flame, Flash Fiction Friday and Wicked Wednesday there are plenty of writers who may just want another challenge to tempt them to bash something twisted out!

… oh, and leave my dogmaticism alone! 😉

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