Birthday Release (Flash Fiction)

This is an entry for Exhibit A’s Birthday Bonking Competition

It was my special day: my birthday. The one day where I celebrate another year on this mortal planet and look to fill those precious hours with some fun.

Of course, work still beckons, and I have to make time with my family. When I come home, I have dinner to cook for my wife and I, and then washing up to finish while she lounges on the settee, catching up on her e-mails.

She hates it when I beg; she loves to see that I’ve been driven to desperate pleading by her evil genius, but the annoying pathetic beseeching makes her cross, so I avoid doing it. Instead, I offer her a glass of wine, prostrating my naked body as she rests her feet on the tops of my shoulder. It’s natural for us both, and as her aching body reclines on the soft leather, I am nothing but an afterthought in her mind.

“You’ve been good,” she muttered after a while, discarding the tablet computer on the table and poking my ribs with the point of her toe. “Come on then.”

My heart fluttered as our eyes met; my mistress beaming at her worthless husband. “Thank you Miss,” I cried, my words stumbling out of my mouth quicker than my feet can carry me to the bedrooms.

I am not often allowed in the Master Bedroom, my place is at her feet, but she flings open the bedroom door, and pushes me onto the bed. The soft silk bedclothes rubbed sensually against my skin; a far cry from the itchy nylon bedding I was allowed in my dog basket.

She saw my mind processing the smooth satin as I wriggled on her bed; she sat on the mattress beside me, making eye contact as her hands fumbled at her necklace.

My heart skipped several beats, my lips felt dry, my hands trembled with excitement as she held a small key and wordlessly pressed it into the padlock, holding my chastity cage together.

I gulped as my cock popped free, engorging the moment the cage was removed. She giggled as my erection slapped over my shaved pubis, a tiny pea of pre-cum forming on the tip within seconds.

I was used to my cock being locked away; being free was an exhilierating experience. I held my hands above my head, ready for my wife to handcuff me to the bed frame.

I loved the tightness of the metal around my wrist and she loved to see me wince in pain as she played out her evil imagination on my helpless body.

“Are we horny?” She needlessly asked, tracing her long finger from my forehead, down my nose and torso. A little flick of my cock made me squeal; I needed a couple of deep breaths as every touch swamped my senses with arousal.

But she knew this: loving the pain and desperation exhibited on my face. Her touch floated over my thighs, whispering over my hairy legs to caress a battery of mews from my tortured soul. I needed her to plunge her fingers onto my cock and play with me, mount my prick or suck on my erection. I needed her to stimulate not tease, but that wasn’t her way.

She watched as her delicate touch floated over my skin, tickling it into lust as tears streamed from my eyes. I couldn’t take her teasing, I needed relief and an outlet, but she was unmoved, blowing gently on the head of my cock as my hands fought against my handcuffs.

I was so close to my outlet, words pleading with her to sate my itching. I needed her to release my pent-up frustration. “Finished?” She asked, as she shook her head at my tears, tumbling down my cheek. “Or it’s your birthday and you’ll cry if you want to.”

I didn’t want to cry. I mouthed a desperate plea to her. She pondered it for a moment, wrapping her leg over my waist and sliding her hips down my body, allowing her skirt to ride up. I gasped and panted as her moist pussy touched my cock.

Sparks of relief coated my loins as she dowsed my raging inferno with petrol. I begged encouragement as she laughed, sliding slowly down my shaft to rotate her hips on my prick.

Nothing had ever felt so good; the stunning dominatrix swirling her blonde hair as her clothed body gyrated around my cock was incredible. I could see nothing, but could feel everything. I was already set to orgasm when her fingers clamped onto my nipples and squeezed, twisting the delicate points roughly.

Pain flowed; sheer agony and overwhelming pleasure ravaged my body as she rode me to the most powerful climax in my life.

My body trembled as my cock spewed endless streaks of cum into her delicious pussy. I was breathless and sated.

I still had a pussyful of cum to clean: I had that most days from her various lovers, and she settled her pantyless crotch onto my face so I could suck my seed from her cunt. My cage would be reseated later, and I would have to wait another year for my release.

For some people birthday sex is the best sex they ever have. For me, it’s the only sex I ever have.

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