Bad Idea!

I may have done a thing quite silly,
I thought I’d tease a pretty young filly,
This young lady is my wife,
She’s the centre of my life.

But she does possess a wicked streak,
Which for Northern lasses is not unique,
And teasing her when she is tired,
Is bravery that should be admired.

Hiding her pride and joy,
Is guaranteed to annoy,
And teasing her, it has its place,
Just not during, the Spank Race.

Wooden paddle, angry look,
Trembling husband on the hook,
The bum was thumped hard and firm,
Wifey laughed as I squirmed.

A stout spanking: I received,
From a wife slightly peeved,
Her iPad Mini I gave it back,
To stop my arse coming under attack.

One hundred spanks, on the bed,
My arse now glows crimson red,
I must say that I now know,
Teasing wifey ends in woe.

For no mercy she does show
With every hit and blow
Of the paddle on my rump
If I give her the hump!

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