A-to-Z: Y-Fronts and Silly Underwear

I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

I love silly underwear.

Indeed, I have half a drawer upstairs of things I rarely wear out of the house.

It’s irrational to buy them, but it all stems from my youth: when you wear a school uniform from the age of five to sixteen, and then a dress code after that, you get very little chance to stamp your individuality on your appearance.

Hair style, underpants, coat. And that is it.

And there are limits on what hair style and coat you can have. There are no limits on your underwear.

So plain underwear gave way to coloured, then patterned, then neon.

Suddenly, life wasn’t about plain cotton boxer shorts or Y-Fronts but there was a whole multitude of possibilities: I had silk boxers, I had tangas and underwear from a dozen other materials. I found Brass Monkeys in the nineties, and then Kiniki, who did even more unique underwear.

But as my appearance was no longer dictated by school diktats, my love for silly, colourful underwear has not gone. There are few colourless pairs in my drawer, but I have also collected everything from a Union Jack G-String, to an invisible C-String. From long johns to silk underwear.

Why? Because it’s just part of my eccentricities. Although silk underwear is awesome for travelling in!

My wife has dozens of shoes she will never wear or need; I have a few pairs of silly pants. But my pants were a hell of a lot cheaper!

A to Z Challenge

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  1. Love the sentiments of this article. Plain boxers are boring. Multi-coloured and multi-patterned underwear not only show the eccentricities of ones personality and look good, they can also improve your mood in my opinion. It helps that the other half finds them a massive turn-on too 😉


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