A-to-Z: Wax Play

I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

Who doesn’t love a bit of wax play? There’s nothing like hot liquid wax running across the skin, cooling as it flows and leaving a violent splash of colour on a naked sub!

We use specially formulated unscented bondage candles; the paraffin content burns at a lower temperature than conventional candles and the wax doesn’t burn the recipient, although the height at which the hot wax is dropped onto me affects the temperature too. The candles cost a little bit more than normal high-street varieties but are still inexpensive.

Although it may sound quite a hardcore, savage activity, dripping hot wax onto a submissive is a wonderful experience. The warm liquid shocks as it lands, and then has a unique feeling as it dries; akin to a contraction against the skin. But I never get a chance to focus too much on each droplet, as another is very quickly behind it, sending a spark of pain and me into a dreamy haze.

It’s a weird sensation because every drop feels different: the hot drop will land on a different part of the skin, it will come from a different height, the size of the wax droplet will vary and most of all, my body state will change, as I go from alert to relaxed.

But all the droplets combine to produce a wonderful, intense experience, that is a great prelude to other things. We haven’t tried wax play on my genitals yet, and nor have we strayed too much from our single-colour candle: they’ll be next on our adventure.

However, by ensuring that we put a PVC sheet on the bed, a bucket of water to hand and a couple of icecubes, we can play with wax safely and with great results.

After all, who doesn’t love a bit of wax play?!

A to Z Challenge

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  1. we always put a towel down, but it’s unusual if wax even gets on that. I love wax play, one of the things I purchased as my Christmas present, but we rarely do it.
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