A-to-Z: Uninhibited

I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

Being uninhibited: there is nothing quite as naughty as the flash of underwear, or much more, during the normal working day. The naughtiness of going commando, the cheekiness of a salacious sight or just the playfulness of coquettish touching.

I’m always happy to flash when there is nothing underneath my kilt, but that’s a microcosm of what this A-to-Z post represents.

It’s the fun exhibitionism.

It’s the fleer as the partner surprises with a brief flash of a lewd display.

It’s the all-day foreplay.

It’s the being prepared to try new things.

It’s the naked photography in the hills, the bare arse at Eroticon or just the teasing dance I sent to my wife last month when she stayed away. It represents the frivolity of exposure and the showing off that could lead to fun and games. It’s the desire in the voyeur and the smirk on the exhibitionist.

It’s the teasing and light-heated aspect of our lives that I crave; I cannot, and could not, live without the laughter and frolics in my life. My wife will often flash flesh or blow seductive kisses, knowing full well the reaction it will cause.

So while this is as much the exhibitionist continuing their games, the uninhibited nature of both of us is essential to our play and dynamic. After all, who doesn’t adore the suggestiveness of the rising skirt, or the teasing smirk as her eyes flash twinkle to coincide with the flash of bare skin?

Because without those games in abundance, they’d be half the amount of sex, and a minuscule of the amount of enjoyment.

A to Z Challenge

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  1. Actually I hadn’t really thought about it but we do exactly this a lot when we’re making an effort with each other and yes it does indeed make life and love better…we slip occasionally and forget to make that effort…your blog is sure giving me a few ideas that help and inspire ideas in me…sex starts in the head for me so cheers.;)
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