A-to-Z: Sex stories

I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

I suppose it’s quite clear why my “S” would be “stories.”

I was reading erotic stories about the same time I discovered masturbation; I don’t think those events are remotely coincidental! I have always been a prolific reader: my Mum’s side of the family were into books in a big way, and it rubbed off on me.

I love the imagery that even Hollywood cannot produce; getting inside the heads of powerful, insane, wild or unfathomable characters. I love the epic scenery, the twists and turns in a good book and ability to conjure intense mirages with just words. It is possible for anyone to churn a tale that entrances or captivates, especially with the emergence of self-publishing.

Back in the nineties, it was the newsgroups: I spent a lot of time reading them with the tales posted. I found incredible authors such as (now sadly-departed) Rachel Ross, who could write about topics that were well past my red lines and make them sexy and enticing. I found Victorian books, especially Victorian erotica to be loaded with fantastic prose that relentlessly coaxed vivid scenes in my mind.

I helped edit some of the newsgroup authors I knew before going to University and have been writing my own material for over a decade under a slew of pseudonyms. I joined my local Writers Group and attended both the last two UK Eroticons.

But writing is my escapism as well as an aphrodisiac. I can’t write erotica when I am too horny or I am not interested: I need to be slightly bubbling with arousal. And I also like to step outside my experiences and comfort zone: I’ve dabbled with violence, scat, homosexuality and crossdressing with my pen, in a way that I’ve not done, or want to, with my penis.

Today, I read a couple of erotic books a month, and dozens of stories for Flash Fiction Friday and WickedWednesday: and erotic stories remains a part of my sex life as much now as it has ever done. I find that my imagination can create situations and stories that porn cannot manage on the screen.

But I think, for the rest of society, that’s probably a good thing that porn doesn’t go where my imagination does! 😉

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  1. I have been reading anything I could from a very young age too and yes, at a stage I started reading erotic fiction too. Nowadays I don’t get nearly the amount of time to read as I would want to have.

    Rebel xox
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