A-to-Z: Queening

I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

As I said earlier in my A-to-Z series, cunnilingus is something that both I enjoy giving, and my wife enjoys receiving. It is one thing that is almost guaranteed to have her orgasming with deep, powerful, vocal climaxes that she loves to have, and I love to give.

But queening, is a slightly different dynamic.

For those that are not familiar with the term, queening is when a lady sits on the face of her partner for forced cunnilingus or analingus. Obviously it can be part of our BDSM games: the submissive husband eagerly satisfying his dominant wife!

But it’s much more than that. Aside from the dominance/submissive overtones, there is a delightful feeling of moisture smothering my face during oral sex, and the pressure of the body on top. My genitals are open to her touch or torture, while her orgasms are felt stronger and clearer through the queening position.

There are many pieces of furniture that can be bought to assist with queening – the queening stool, or the smotherbox, but we don’t have any of those. It would be an unnecessary expense. Instead, when she is in the mood, she will simply sit on my face and allow my mouth to bring her the satisfaction she demands and deserves.

And if we have just had sex; the feel of my cum seeping onto my tongue as gravity teases and her quivering cunt expels it, is just an intense, erotic headfuck. But even if we haven’t, the feel of being underneath her, sating her desires, is enjoyment enough.

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