A-to-Z: Prostate Play

I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

I adore prostate play.

I love all sorts of anal play (giving and receiving) but I adore my prostate being toyed with.

I am told it’s analogous to the G-Spot, but I don’t have the female anatomy to compare; all I will say is that, if I am in the mood for it, it is utter bliss when my prostate is stimulated.

Nature has enjoyed a damn good giggle at the male species of homo sapiens, opting to hide our special spot a few inches up our arse. Perhaps, the gods were subtly pointing out to mankind that a bit of masculine bisexuality is the way to go!

In a prostate massage, the build-up of tension and enjoyment can’t be rushed. It’s a time to lie back and savour the arousal covering my loins. Every motion causes pulses of erotic joy. After a few minutes, my prostate goes very sensitive, and every single touch brings an array of incredible sensations to excite and intensify the impending eruption. Often I cannot resist the urge to play with myself while my toy strokes and teases my prostate, but if I want a proper prostate orgasm, then I must.

The prostate orgasm is beautiful. It takes a long time, but when it does come, it hits powerfully and a wave cascades over me: a glorious wonderful intense, but peaceful orgasm, and without the ejaculation. I can have one of these “mini-orgasms,” or several, before I do eventually squirt cum; those wet orgasms are on a different plane of existence, and after achieving the nirvana of a full prostate orgasm, I need to relax and find peace for a few minutes before moving.

The one thing I desperately want to try, is the use of the strap-on set: I have longed to experience prostate stimulation in that way and would dearly love to experiment with the toy: me at one end and my wife on the other, pounding the dildo into my arse. Alas, it is currently beyond my partner’s red lines that I totally respect, so I have not tried it yet, but I am still hopeful that one day, I just might.

It somewhat saddens me that there is a prevalent belief that male anal play is a homosexual act: the sexuality of a sexual practice is defined by the gender of you and your partner(s) and nothing else, but principally should it matter if prostate play was “gay:” in civilised 2014 haven’t we moved on from rampant homophobia?

But, to be honest, prostate play can bring wonderful, incredible relief to men, and that’s all what anyone should care about. And it’s one thing that I never hesitate to recommend!

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  1. I don’t consider prostate play, or any anal play for that matter to be a “gay” act. I consider it a sexual act with no sexual definition. I can tell you that being the wearer of a strap on is quite fulfilling. I’ve enjoyed being able to give a lover that kind of attention. :)
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