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I apologise for any Greek experts if they think I have misinterpreted the Greek culture; please do drop me a comment! I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

You could say it goes without saying: love. Love is a component in the sex life between a man and his wife.

The Greeks recognised four different types of love: Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge. Storge, or affection, is the love felt between parents for their family and offspring, but the other three all exist between my wife and I in our relationship.

Agape is love in a spiritual dimension: the reason behind selfless acts where one party offer sacrifices and compromises for the happiness of the other, regardless of whether that agape is returned. It is the truest connection of love, the binding of souls and desire to see your partner happy.

Eros is love in a physical, sexual way: passion, desire, longing. It is the fire in the eyes, the excitement in the heart as you see your loved one sexily looking down at you, or just flashing a smile across the room. It’s the wanton arousal and abject desire of impassioned flames. It’s the lust.

Philia is the mental aspect to love; the high regard of each other; the loving union and togetherness of a solid relationship; the delight in shared activities and love of each other’s company.

I think our love is solid; I love to give pleasure to my wife more than to receive it; I love spending time and company together, and our physical understanding has got stronger as the years have passed. We make each other laugh: inside the bedroom, and out of it; it’s a smile here, and a giggle there. A loving look. A knowing fumble.

And yes, it’s not been plain sailing. We’ve both suffered at various times, but had the strength to see each other through; which is why the trust exists to play and explore and experiment with our sex lives.

And that makes the other 25 posts in this series, possible.

A to Z Challenge

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  1. Bravo…a proper marriage….I don’t read about such trust, passion and connection on many blogs but the alternatives this A2Z have all had those common themes. I wonder how many have missed out on such wonderful honest and open writing by avoiding the (AC)…the closed mind misses out on so much pleasure.
    Loving the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil
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