A-to-Z: Jacking Off

I have agreed to do the blogging A to Z challenge, and will publish a under-300 word post from my sex life every day, except Sunday.

Jacking off may be an American term, but I have other things planned for W (Wanking) and M (Masturbation) and I wanted to get self-pleasure into my A-to-Z list somewhere. It is said that around 96% of men admit to masturbating regularly; I’d contend most of the remaining 4% are bloody liars. Of those 96% of men, around half admit to playing with themselves daily.

I could be married to the hottest, horniest, most sex-crazed woman in the world, and I know I’d still need to sneak in a crafty wank every so often. I could have a harem of women at my beck and call and there would still be a place for masturbating.

Because, the truth is, I like playing with my plumbing. And it’s good for my health too: men who masturbate regularly are less likely to get prostate cancer later in life. It also helps relieve depression, provides a cardiovascular workout and lowers blood pressure. Plus, I’ll know if I get any strange lumps or tenderness, because my hands are never away from my groin for more than 48 hours! It’s good, clean fun.

And no, I don’t need pornography to get there: I have a library of decadence in my imagination to fantasize over, and find that literary-based and mental meanderings to produce stronger orgasms anyway.

It’s enjoyable, stress-relieving and a vital part of our sex life; I have a handful of toys, from the e-stim device to the Monkey Spanker to assist, if I want to, or just a dollop of lube. Indeed, the Fleshlight toy has been a commercial sensation selling millions of units worldwide.

However, it’s sad that in the 21st Century there are still some people who deem masturbation to be “unhealthy” or a “sin.” No man got a girl pregnant through masturbation, nor contracted any venereal diseases: it’s the ultimate safe sex. I live in a country where we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe: we encourage our sixteen year olds to get it on, but don’t allow them to buy vibrators and sex toys until they get to eighteen. Personally, I don’t understand the disconnect in logic.

But politics and religion aside, masturbation gave me my first orgasm in life and, like many men continue to provide satisfaction and relief on a regular basis: just me, some peace, tissues and my imagination. 😉

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  1. Like you, masturbation was definitely my first experience with an orgasm and I was in the 4th grade when I first experienced its pleasures! It wasn’t until I was 16 that I experienced an orgasm during sex and it wasn’t even with my first boyfriend. It took almost a year of having sex to realize I could be having orgasms during it as well! Prior to that, well, I kind of hated having sex and did it because he wanted it. Yeah, I was too young and naive to be having sex, but hey, that’s life and now I am at a much better place with sex.
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