A poem for Rose

When we were at Eroticon, we were treated to a reading of Named and Shamed containing troll sex; Rose has constantly complained that this left her scarred, but challenged me to write a piece containing trolls and herself. This is it; and yes, it’s poetry and written by me, so it’s shit! But hopefully a little bit funny!

The troll looked upon his prey
A pretty young maiden in his way
She nervously squirmed, our young Rose
Wriggled and teased him inside her clothes

The clothing that should only be worn
When young ladies are making porn
Or perhaps when on a Scavenger Hunt
For clear as day was Rose’s cunt

The only garment on this beauty
Was a shawl that showed off her booty
There was, of course, her trademark tights
Worn by women of the nights

She knew the price she’d have to pay
The beast would have his wicked way
For the troll stood upon the bridge
The only road from the village

If good ladies went to pass
They would have to give up their ass
For our troll would not stop
Until he filled a hole with slop

Fine young men had to feed
The hungry beast with bread and mead
Should the bridge they need to cross
The big bad troll is the boss

The cute maiden that fateful day
A bright young girl who came to play
Six foot two and quite thin
She had long legs; a wicked grin

The troll himself: he did not spy
The evil glint in her eye
For she was just a piece of meat
That he was going to fuck and treat

To what was contained below
That she was making grow and grow
He was going to fuck her rotten
Once she’d taken off his cotton

The ten foot ogre roared and yelled
His bright green chest swelled and swelled
The young lady, his hands did grab
Pulling her onto his flab

He hit the ground and in the dirt
On top of him, the cute young flirt
She knew what would occur
Unclipped his cloth, the troll did purr

Never fight the troll they said
He could break you; make you dead
Just do as he wanted and please
And never be a troll tease

Our young Rose knew what to do
Carnal relations were nothing new
She freed the giant, monster dick
Two foot long, two hands thick

She giggled as he picked her up
Slid her down his pole to fuck
She’d lubed her cunt very good
As any young maiden surely should

She grunted; he slid to the hilt
This lustful pleasure, surely guilt?
But the monster’s thighs rocked and bucked
As our pretty Rose got royally fucked

Her loins delighted with desire
Hot troll sex; they’re on fire
A good firm fucking; what could be better?
Rose’s cunt: getting wetter and wetter

The sweaty beast groaned and screwed
But our young woman was in the mood
For her cunt was very stretched
Enjoying this was far-fetched

But Rose delights in nasty sex
That few people would expect
To make a sweet girl groan and quiver
That would make most girls scream and shiver

But Rose was bouncing up and down
Causing onlookers to curse and frown
The little minx was set to come
One more climax for her ton

Rose had never been much fitter
Since she counted them on Twitter
One hundred orgasms was her goal
Going to reach it with this troll

She squeezed her cunt with a roar
Screaming abuse, like a whore
Enjoying the shameless screw
Her body spent; through and through

Our troll was not to be denied
He had not broken his stride
One last thrust to make him come
Rose’s cunt was almost numb

Pints of pints of thick troll semen
Come out of this randy demon
Blue and green, and smelling quiet sweet
Rose scooped some up and went to eat.

He lay back quite, quite pleased
Rose is never a troll tease
She detached herself with a wriggle
Stepped off the beast with a giggle

Troll cum covered tights are stained
100 Orgasms, Rose is drained
But our heroine you see,
Smiled and cackled with uncontained glee

For contained around her neck, a key
She’d caged the troll in chastity
But all the ladies of the town
Hardly could moan and frown

But secretly, you understand
They missed crossing the Troll’s land
So our Rose she opened up a store
Giant dildos, roof to floor.

Young women flocked to her shop
To get their thrill of big troll cock
The only girl the troll can fuck
Is the girl who loves to suck

The troll, his cock, is all for Rose
Not that anybody knows
Rose keeps saying, and she lies,
That troll sex makes her cries

But we really should be correct,
Nothing turns her on like hot troll sex

This is the first poem I have written since secondary school (if you don’t count my Creative Writing group make me write one about the death of Piers Morgan last year; don’t ask) so I would like feedback!

If poetry is your thing, pop along to Dirty Little Whispers

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